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Schedule of Operations - Upcoming and Previous

Date Time Event  Description  Photographs  Video
2/23/12 1300 Cobra 1st Legion Formed
Initial communications commence.
3/24/12 1900
First Meeting
Initial face-to-face meeting of members.
4/21/12 1000 Operation: Hornet
Photo-shoot aboard U.S.S. Hornet Aircraft Carrier.
 Battle of the Flagg  Hornet Video
5/14/12 1300 Cobra 1st Southern Legion Founded
Forming of Florida Chapter.
 Cobra 1st Southern Legion
7/8/12 1100 Operation: Pampanito/O'Brien
Photo-shoot aboard U.S.S. Pampanito Submarine and S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship.
 Pampanito/O'Brien  P/O'B Video
8/7/12 1800 Operation: Sketchy
Cobra 1st teams up with Dr. Sketchy's at Yerba Buena Center of the Arts for figure modeling.
 Sketchy  Sketchy Video
8/25/12 1900 Operation: Fork
Food Drive / Costume Party for Alameda County Community Food Bank
 Fork  Fork Video
9/8/12 1000
Operation: Alcatraz
Photo-shoot at infamous Alcatraz Prison on Alcatraz Island.
 War on the Rock  Alcatraz Video
9/14/12 1400 Operation: Scales to Tales  1st book drive to support the troops through Operation Paperback.  508 books shipped to date.   Scales to Tales  
9/15/12 0900 Operation: Beachhead
Cobra 1st teams up with Ocean Conservancy for Coastal-Clean-Up Day 2012.
 Beachhead  Beachhead Video
9/23/12 0900
Operation: Engineer
Cobra 1st attended ToyFusion 2012, supported Wounded Warrior Project, Loaves and Fishes and met with Larry Hama.
 Engineer  Engineer Video
9/24/12 0555  Public website created and launched.    
10/20/12 1200  Special Mission: Film Day 1  Cobra 1st films videos and takes pictures.   Film Day 1  Film Day 1 Video
10/25/12 1730
Operation: Living Fed
Cobra 1st teams up with Alameda County Community Food Bank on-site.
 Night of the Living Fed  
11/03/12 1000 Operation: Bonanza
Cobra 1st teams up with Bonanza Books for Artist Day in Modesto, California.
 Bonanza  Bonanza Video
11/11/12 1400 Special Mission: Sutro Photo-shoot at Sutro Bath House Ruins.  Sutro  Sutro Video
11/16/12 1900
Operation: Fork 2
Cobra 1st teams up with Alameda C.C. Food Bank for a Costume Party/Food Drive/Party.
 Fork 2!  
11/23-12/23/12 0500
Operation: Santa's Helper
Cobra 1st Legion Toy Drive For
The Children's Hospital of Oakland.
 Santa's Helper  Santa's Helper Video
12/1/12 1500 Special Mission: Film Day 2 Cobra 1st films videos and takes pictures.  Film Day 2  Film Day 2 Video
12/15/12 1200 Operation: Hanford
Photo-shoot in Hanford, California.

1/7/13 1900 Meeting 2 Gathering of members of the Legion to discuss upcoming years activities.    
2/2/13 0222 Operation: Scales to Tales 2 Book Drive for the troops in support of the non-profit Operation Paperback  Scales to Tales 2  
2/9/13 1400  Special Mission: Film Day 3  Cobra 1st Legion films videos and pictures.   Film Day 3  Film Day 3 Video
2/11/13 0820 Cobra 1st Legion featured on the website  Article  
2/23/13 1300 Special Mission: Calera Cobra 1st Legion photo-shoot in Pacifica.   Calera  
2/23/13 1755 Cobra 1st Legion Year 1
Cobra 1st Legion celebrates Year 1 with grape soda and donuts. 
 Year 1 in Pictures
3/16/13 1300  Operation: Retaliation! Cobra 1st teams up with the Cartoon Art Museum-SF for the release of G.I. Joe:Retaliation!  Retaliation  
3/20/13 1200
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Cobra 1st Legion featured in newspaper.
 Special Mission: Creepy
Cobra 1st Legion debut television appearance on Creepy KOFY Movie Time.
3/26/13 1900  G.I. Joe: Retaliation Pre-Screening
Special pre-screening of the of the Paramount Feature Film  Century  
Operation: Dreadnok
Dreadnok themed Photo-shoot at Oakland Aviation Museum.
4/20/13 1000  Special Mission: Camp Delta  Military Vehicle Show in Lodi by Military Vehicle Collectors of California  Camp Delta
5/14/13 1500 Free Comic Book Day 2013
Cobra 1st Legion at comic book shops throughout the country.
5/18/13 1200  Operation: Big Wow 2013!  Big Wow! Comicfest 2013 in San Jose, California   Big Wow 2013
 Big Wow Video
6/22/13 1000  Operation: Hornet 2  Photoshoot aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Hornet in Alameda, CA   Hornet2  
6/26/13 2000
Midwest Marauders formed
Midwest chapter of Cobra 1st Legion formed.
 Midwest Marauders
1200 Special Mission:
Florida SuperCon
 Cobra 1st Southern Legion initial operation in Orlando, Florida.
Special Mission:
California State Fair 2013
 Hall of Heroes, roller coasters & ninjas on zip lines.
 Hall of Heroes
 Zipline Video
Special Mission: Best Buy
Celebrate release of
G.I. Joe Retaliation DVD
 Best Buy
1800 Operation: Sketchy 2
Cobra 1st Legion teams up with Dr. Sketchy's SF for an evening of figure modeling and illustration.
 Sketchy2  Sketchy 2 Video
 0800  Operation: Eugene
 Cobra 1st Legion marches in the Eugene Celebration Parade.
8/24/13  0800  Coil-Con IV
 Midwest Marauders attend Coil-Con IV.
Dragon*Con 2013
Cobra 1st Legion meet-up at Dragon*Con 2013
Operation: Slaughter
Cobra 1st Legion teams up with Sgt. Slaughter at Toy Fusion 2013.
9/21/13 0800  Operation: Beachhead 2  Cobra 1st teams up with Coastal Conservancy for Beach Clean Up Day 2013    
11/23/13 1900  Operation: Fork 3!  Food Drive for the Alameda County Community Food Bank     
12/2/13 0500  Operation: Santa's Helper 3  Toy Drive for the Children's Hospital of Oakland     
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