Cobra 1st Legion

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Who we are:

     The Cobra 1st Legion is a G.I. Joe themed Cosplay / Charity Organization.  We attend comic book conventions dressed as characters from the G.I. Joe comic book with self-made costumes.  We do charity projects like Toy Drives for the Children's Hospital of Oakland, sending books to troops with Operation Paperback, food drives for the Alameda County Community Food Bank and more.   For our members we have organized photo-shoots at amazing, historic sites such as the U.S.S. Hornet Aircraft Carrier, the U.S.S. Pampanito Submarine and infamous Alcatraz Prison among other locations.  
     This is done out of love of the toy/movie/cartoon/comic book series and in respect to the works of Mr. Hama.  It is done for the adventure it isn't a job.
     Most of our charity projects are open to the public.  If you think this looks like fun and you think you have what it takes to put together a costume and join in on the party, contact us and Join The LEGION!

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Photographs on this site by Camille Castellon, Johnny Crash, Rayna Golden, Bob Herron, Mark Chu-Lin, Anette Wamser, Michelle Smith, Amy Lee, Michael Tang, Lionel Lum, C.J. Lindsay, Roberto Gomez, Matt Holdaway and more.
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